Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steering a course through Lent

This is just a short post to keep this page current (you can keep up with my daily posts at DEREK MAUL).

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to follow Jesus, and how thinking about faith that way helps us to move away from the "Member of the Christian Club" mentality that defines much of the way we do business as church attenders.

That's why Lent is such a powerful idea. It's the time on the church calendar when we can be challenged to sort out in our hearts and minds what Easter is all about, so that we're not blindsided when we get to Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Too often, coming to terms with Easter is handled all in a rush during the few days around Easter Sunday.

So this is my challenge for today - take the next few weeks to think through the implications of Christ's coming, Christ's death and resurrection, and Christ's willingness to be a part of our lives today...

Did I say "a PART of our lives"? I'm going to take that back and suggest, instead, that we consider God neither a part of our life or even the number one priority. I want us to think about God as the very ground that we stand on.

Take your shoes off! You're standing on Holy Ground.

God's rich blessings - DEREK

You, LORD, are my shepherd.
   I will never be in need.

   You let me rest in fields

   of green grass.

   You lead me to streams

   of peaceful water,

   and you refresh my life.

   You are true to your name,

   and you lead me

   along the right paths.

   I may walk through valleys

   as dark as death,

   but I won't be afraid.

   You are with me,

   and your shepherd's rod makes me feel safe.

   You treat me to a feast,

   while my enemies watch.

   You honor me as your guest,

   and you fill my cup

   until it overflows.

   Your kindness and love

   will always be with me

   each day of my life,

   and I will live forever

   in your house, LORD.