Monday, May 4, 2009

Final Edit Underway

This week I'm completing the final edit of the galley for "The Unmaking of a Part Time Christian". We've also picked up (potentially) a couple of key endorsements - but I can't divulge any details until something comes through in writing.

Then I've been invited to teach a class on the book at Soulfeast, the annual spiritual formation conference sponsored by The Upper Room. The setting is Lake Junaluska in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. I'm looking forward to talking about what it means to be a Jesus-follower and making the critical distinction between part-time and full-time when it comes to being a disciple.

I've had a busy speaking schedule so far this year, and a lot of the content has influenced the direction of this new project. My prayer is that this book will serve as a catalyst for those who are looking to take some serious steps forward in terms of their faith.

Love and blessings - DEREK

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