Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Devotions are key

Having the four fabulous nieces and nephews for the long weekend has been a flashback experience for us confirmed empty-nesters! Yes, I said four; that's two boys plus two girls. I'd forgotten (we raised two children) how many more four is than two. No, it's not simple math!

It was when we stayed around the dinner table after supper for family devotions together that we missed our own children the most.

Now that Rebekah and I are in our 50's, with children raised, productive, happy and solvent, people tend to ask us questions about raising a family.

There's pretty-much only one core principle we urge all the families we know to follow. Here it is: keep your relationship to the Creator central to family life. Worship together, pray together, talk together, learn together, serve together.

For us, family dinnertime was the foundation of family cohesiveness and where we practiced family devotions. We ate at the dining table, no television, no phone answering. It involved good conversation, questions from the parents, more talking after the meal was complete, and sharing about our lives as a cornerstone of the family covenant.

We shared our concerns, enjoyed a short Bible-reading, and prayed around the table. Visiting kids participated too. And, guess what, ours was still a popular house for dinner.

"Thank you, Lord, for Aunt Bekah and Uncle Derek," Seth prayed, yesterday. "And thank you for a good Southern dinner."

That's what I'm talking about.
Love and blessings - DEREK

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