Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to the challenge of living faith out loud!

This page is - as of today, November 29 - shifting focus to that of "place-holder and welcome." Simply put, the majority of people go directly to my daily blog @ or my website @

So it doesn't make sense to blog here, unless there are direct questions and comments about "The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian". The book's facebook page is still active, and I'll certainly respond to people reading the book who come to this page, but I'm not going to try to make regular entries here any more.
  • Connect to my blog
  • "Like" the facebook page
  • Direct others to this page
  • Visit my website at
  • Check out my author page at Amazon...
And be blessed. Follow through on rejecting the status of part-time Christian. And by all means include me in your ongoing conversation.

PEACE - Derek

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Anonymous said...

I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts.