Friday, February 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Christian Men (and Women)

This letter - below - went out as part of the Presbyterian Men's ministry newsletter this month. It's an invitation to listen to me speak at their national conference. But it's also a good word to everyone. Men, women, Presbyterian or otherwise.

If you're in the area (Virginia Beach, April 9), come, listen, and introduce yourself.
Many blessings - DEREK

Greetings, most excellent Presbyterian Men! This is Derek Maul. I’m excited about church, I’m passionate about seeing my brothers grow as followers of Jesus, I believe in the future of the Presbyterian Church and I can’t wait to share some life-charged vision with you at the Men’s Conference in Virginia Beach.

I believe that the Presbyterian Church is at a critical tipping point in its history, but I’m convinced God’s message to us is the same one shared with Jeremiah: “I have plans to give you a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29).

If we want our church – both your local congregation and the denomination as a whole – to step confidently into a future that’s bursting with hope and promise, then I believe men’s ministry has one of the most important roles to play.

The most telling demographic in your congregation is AMALAD (Active Men, Aged 20-70, Living As Disciples). I’m not so much interested in packing a stadium with thousands of men as I am in seeing handfuls of men transformed by their genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’ll be speaking twice. First, in an afternoon workshop ("Discipleship in 4-D: moving beyond a part-time faith"), we’ll discuss what it means to follow Jesus as a 21st Century man. Then, Saturday evening, the keynote message is, "MAN-ifesto: 10 life-charged words for Presbyterian men."

Implementing this message will transform your church. The question, as Jesus parsed it to the man slowly dying by the pool, is this: “Do you really want to be healed?”

See you in April – DEREK MAUL 

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