Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's talk about faith; this is an invitation.

Today's brief update is designed to serve two purposes:
1) To let you know I'm not ignoring this site! And...
2) to insert a very cool slide that might capture your attention long enough to encourage you stay around and read! See, I'm not entirely without guile! The photograph of St. Peter's in Rome was taken during my recent trip to Italy. Fabulous architecture and an amazing testimony to Renaissance. But that was 500 years ago! I'm interested in some faith renaissance today. I'd love to hear what you're thinking and I'm sure that we can learn from each other. DEREK

If you're at this site it probably means you're reading "THE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN." Welcome! Now you're here there are several things you can do:

First, leave a comment (click on "comments" below). We want to know how you are responding to the book and how God is challenging you to re-evaluate your life of faith. Scroll through the comments and see what others are saying, too. Periodically, I plan to sample the comments and use them in a new blog entry.

Next, you can link to my daily blog, "A Life Examined." New entries are posted six days a week. It's a great way to crawl in to the author's mind. Click this photo if you want to take a look at what's new.

Then, you can purchase additional copies of "THE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN" or any other Derek Maul title by clicking on the link above right.

There's also a link to my website, Click on the blue-toned photo at right. You can read a more complete bio, check my schedule, and even begin a conversation about bringing me in for a conference, or to visit your church or other organization.

It's a privilege to be in this ongoing conversation with other pilgrims in progress. God's rich blessings be with you all - DEREK

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