Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's Get Serious!

There's a hopeful sense of emergent interest budding around the United States in response to "The Unmaking of a Part Time Christian". Here and there, small pockets of thoughtful pilgrims are reading, talking and gathering together to get some conversation going about what it means to be a Jesus-follower in this 21st Century.

Sales are still - best I can determine - just a trickle. But, every time I get out and speak about the book, there's an enthusiastic response that - I believe - is speaking to the heart of a serious issue that is at the heart of the stagnation so many main-line Christian churches are experiencing here in North America.

And that issue is a failure to fully engage the message of Jesus and a reluctance to allow the Living Word to transform our lives and to disturb us in ways that lead to the counter-cultural witness the must define a Follower of the Way in 20th Century America.

So here's the challenge, in this short blog post for this week. Every time you read one chapter of "The unmaking of a Part-Time Christian" do this: Ask God to speak to your heart and then implement one noticeable change in your life in response to the words you just read.

Better yet, do this with some other disciples. Add accountability to the process. Then see how God will transform you, your spiritual life, and the world around you.

Many blessings, as you continue on the journey - DEREK

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