Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's talk about this!

I talked to a man the other day about checking in with this web-page. He's an enthusiastic Christian, a huge fan of "The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian", and also very savvy about technology.

  • "So have you ever followed the invitation (it's ALL OVER the book!) and checked in at the blog to share some of your thoughts?" I asked.
  • "Never in a million years!" he replied.

Which begs the question, "Why". or, "Why not?"

It's an interesting phenomenon, but he told me he felt intimidated by the idea of sharing anything about his own spiritual journey on an open forum. I countered that it's not much of an open forum if only a handful of people ever come to visit! But his point was well taken. Fact is, this hesitant, challenging, often hit or miss path to spiritual maturity is deeply personal. It's one thing to spill your guts to a friend, or at a small-group meeting in the context of church... but this is the www.

So I'll continue to post occasional updates on this space (around once a week or so), but I won't hold my breath for more than a smattering of comments.

Instead, why don't you visit, and find out how you can arrange for me to visit your church or conference so we can talk together in person, as part of a retreat, or from the safety of your pew!

This remains an important conversation. God be with you as you journey on this spiritual way.

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