Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spreading the word

Well, after a quiet start at the end of last year, several efforts are now under way to get the word out regarding "The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian."

First was a very good article in "The United Methodist Reporter", presented as a Q&A with yours truly. I kind of rambled in the interview, but the reporter - Mary Jacobs - was able to pull things around nicely when she wrote up the story.

Her article was titled "Embracing Full Time Faith". You can read it by clicking here.

Then - this week - there is an excellent banner ad for the book on the front page of the Religion News Service website - - we're hoping that stirs up a little interest.

But the most ambitious project is a series of short (one-minute videos) featuring key points from the book. I'm certainly not a great actor... but some of the bits manage to capture a little of what we're trying to communicate. I'm not sure yet exactly how they're going to be distributed, but the plan is to get them "out there" via U-tube, vimeo and press releases.

Here's one - still in its rough form - but it gives the general idea - VIDEO

Lots to be excited about - much still to pray about. As always I appreciate your support and covet your prayers. DEREK

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mountainmike said...

Excellent things are happening. GREAT. I hope to see more.