Monday, August 10, 2009

Conversations about following Jesus

I had an interesting conversation at a neighborhood party yesterday afternoon. A man asked me about my latest book:

"It's called The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian," I said.

He understood the concept right off. Then he surprised me with his next question.

"So are you advocating giving up Christianity altogether?" he asked.

It had never occurred to me that anyone would consider dislodging from the "part-time" designation in any direction other than a move into discipleship.

"The title will interest people both pro and con your idea of following Jesus," he said.

So we talked about it, and I was awed once again by the power of the Spirit to reach out to everyone, and most especially those who we feel have no interest in faith at all. This God is so much bigger than my tentative belief.

Let's continue the conversation - DEREK


First, leave a comment (click on "comments" below). We want to know how you are responding to the book and how God is challenging you to re-evaluate your life of faith. Scroll through the comments and see what others are saying, too. Periodically, I plan to sample the comments and use them in a new blog entry.

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It's a privilege to be in this ongoing conversation with other pilgrims in progress. God's rich blessings be with you all - DEREK

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