Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reader "Comments" Pouring In... :-)

"Reader Comments Pouring In" Is that ever a misleading title! But I am happy to say that "Wayne in Greensboro, Georgia" has managed to get the ball rolling. So, in honor of his trend-setting response, I'm pasting his entire post as today's introduction.

I pray that this serves as an encouragement, and I'll hear from more of you!

Blessings - DEREK
  • If I am reading this correctly I am NUMERO UNO in the comments section about the "Unmaking" Well that is very fitting since I identify so closely with my Brother in Christ - Derek. I had the privilege of co-leading a Men's class on "Get Real" and when this book came my way I was compelled to pick it up. I feel such a kindred spirit with Derek, his experiences, his writing style and his ability to tell a story. Yet while doing all this he is weaving the story of redemption, the essence of the Christian life deeply into the fabric of the book and at the same time deeply into my soul. I have finished reading it and it certainly lived up to all my expectations. I will begin teaching it to a group of men at Greensboro United Methodist Church, Greensboro, Ga. on Sept. 20th, 2009. We are excited to have this opportunity and are equally as excited to see what God will do with us in this study!!
Thanks, Wayne!

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