Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Full-Time disciples think differently...

God said - "This is my servant Caleb; he thinks differently...." (Numbers 14)

The photographs that go with today's post are not taken from the typical perspective. Early yesterday evening my wife and I had just finished getting ready for a dinner party and I wanted to take another picture of the new kitchen. But I was tired of snapping the same old view. Consequently, I played around with perspective and orientation. I kind of like the result.

It made me think about one of my favorite Bible references: "This is my servant Caleb;" God said, "he thinks differently...." (Numbers 14)

Tip for the day! If you want to earn a few compliments from God - now might be the time to take a look at Caleb. "Check out my man Caleb," God says; "This dude is a bona fide individual; he doesn't follow along with the crowd. Caleb actually gets it!"


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