Monday, April 26, 2010

The idea of Pilgrimage

Here's an excerpt from page 11. I've included it here because it's a great place to move forward from, especially on a Monday morning.

I always feel renewed and challenged after a wonderful Sunday at church. I'm all about "engaging the rich meaning and the lavish possibilities of life before death." I really can't wait to see what each new day, new week, new month, or new year offers in the way of life-charged challenge!

  • Traditionally, the concept of pilgrimage suggests some kind of a journey, along with a meaningful destination. For my part, this pilgrim path we are navigating is much more about the expedition phase than the arriving part. Although the two are bound together and I certainly anticipate all the promises God speaks regarding eternal life and the joy of unbroken relationship with my Creator.
  • I remain convinced that in the here-and-now our life as pilgrims is primarily concerned with capturing and engaging the rich meaning and the lavish possibilities of abundant life before death. God’s kingdom is already available, and our opportunity is to live this kingdom life; and to live as if we really do mean it.
  • In a sense pilgrimage is an experience designed to take humankind full circle. Because, if this pathway is to lead us any place at all, then that place is the garden.

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