Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trying to start a conversation

Picture - at left - is of me with a couple of the 75 plus men at the Disciples of Christ (Virginia) Men's Retreat this past weekend. We had an awesome experience of fellowship and spiritual growth. Maybe you'd like to contact me about speaking at such an event? If so, let's talk. Go to my website at : there's a "contact" page that works just fine.

Well I finally bowed to all the peer-pressure and set up a facebook page for The Unmaking of a part-Time Christian. The thing to do, apparently, is to maximize on-line presence while simultaneously working hard not to annoy people with too much info!

It's a tough balance. It also kind of reminds me of one foundational principle from the book. That is, to live as an obvious Jesus-follower without being an annoying "odd for God" person who more likely turns people away from the gospel than offering a compelling invitation.

There should be something compelling about the way that we live that says "Jesus" all over the place. Or, as many people have repeated and paraphrased, "Preach the Gospel daily; if necessary, use words."

My next task is to attempt to link this blog to the "my Notes" section of the page. Don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian, then I urge you to become a fan, pass the word around, and see if we can make a difference for the Gospel. Let's live gospel lives in such a way that the world can't help but wonder, "What is it that's motivating these people? And why are they so darned full with life?"

More to come - check in weekly - DEREK

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